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Welcome to Radhaswami Satsang Dinod Dham. Radhaswami Satsang (Dinod) is situated at village Dinod, 11km away from the Distt. Bhiwani (Haryana) and 130km from Delhi, Capital of INDIA...

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The Founder

Radhaswami Satsang Dinod (Bhiwani) was established by Param Sant Tara Chand Ji Maharaj in the last decades of twentieth century. Huzur Tara Chand ji was born in the house of Ch. Moola Ram ji in Dinod (Bhiwani) in 1925. Huzur Maharaj ji's life was full of struggles, because he spent his life in search of God. He remained unmarried and lived a hard life to find the truth. He went to Agra, Beas and Sirsa and saw the famous places of the Radha Swami Faith. Like Budha and Mahavir Swami, he declared that he got eternal peace in his life time. Like his other predecerssors of the Radhaswami Faith he also told the people that eternal peace can be got in human life and the Radha Swami Faith is the easiest way to get the Peace.


How to reach

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Satguru kripa (Master's Grace)

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