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Dear Seeker,

The Absolute Force is not merely fictitious in nature, but it can be realized. There is an inherent craving in our soul for salvation, because its source is the Ocean of pure bliss, but now from the time immemorial, it wanders restlessly in this material world from one black corner to another, in the wheel of 84 lacs species.

Each entity of this world from the tinniest electron to the heaviest heavenly bodies remain in a state of endless motion and is also continuously decaying and approaching towards their dissolution. Everything which we see here or even imagine is perishable, but not the soul. Therefore, the soul finds this world as an unfit place for it. It also has completely forgotten the returning path to its source i.e. the Supreme Lord and its inherent powers have got hampered. Therefore as soon as one goes within him, this type of questions arise and confront in his mind.

  • Who I really am?
  • If soul, then where it resides in this body?
  • What is the purpose of this life cycle?
  • What was there in the beginning or before creation of this universe?
  • Where shall we go after its dissolution?
  • Is there anybody, anywhere who knows; what shall we do to be 'saved' or 'to do theFather's will' or to gain the salvation.

Even those who keep themselves engaged in religious activities do not find satisfactory answers to these questions. If you are searching positive and practical answers to these basic questions and are ready to carry out experiments in the laboratory of your own mind then with certainty and without fail you will realize answers to your all such questions and enter into the abode of the Supreme and Eternal Cause or Creator of the whole creation. And this is possible while doing your all duties towards your family and the society, your own home is the perfect place where you can make this advent. There is no need to go to mountains or the forests because the evil lies in our own mind and we shall carry it wherever we go.

This tract is intended for the benefit of those who, seeing the instability and transitory state of the things in this world, as well as its short-living pleasures, have a craving for everlasting and unalloyed happiness and undisturbed peace in a mansion which is not subject to change, decay or dissoloution.

The proper course for a sincere lover of the Supreme Being is to acquire knowledge of the secrets and the order of creation and the means of traversing the distance and stages between his dwelling in the body (the pupil of the eye) and the abode of the Supreme Being, the Prime Source of everything; and to start on his journey with fevour and perseverance with the avowed object of one day reaching the presence of the Most High and Beloved Supreme Father.

A true seeker always loves the saints and the Supreme Being, by sincere love is meant a strong fervent desire and perseverance to approach the Supreme Being. This desire should outweigh all wordly desires.

There are three powers latent in the human being, viz., (1) spiritual, (2) intellectual and mental, (3) corporal or physical. Each of these powers requires regular training under a guide or master before it can be awakened, and brought into use for any puppose. The physical powers comprise the action of and the work done by the senses and limbs, such as the organs of sight, hearing, taste, speech, smell and touch etc., as also hands, feet, generative organs etc. Those who have developed any of the above senses or limbs to perfection and adopted them to special uses, such as drawing, painting, singing, dancing, playing on musical instruments, riding, sleight (dexterity)-of-hand etc., can acquire name, fame, and earn good livelihood; whereas those who have remained dull and undergone no training of any kind, work merely as labourers, coolies or ploughmen, and earn hardly sufficient to live.

Those who have undergone higher training and awakened their intellectual and mental power to perfection in any particular line or department of science, become literary men, philosophers, astronomers, statesmen, administrators, judges, barristers, doctors, engineers etc., and acquire greater renown and worldly power to control and direct the affairs and in fact rule the destiny of millions of people inhabiting various districts and countries. These functionaries are respected and obeyed by all and receive high remunerations for their intellectual work.

Again, those (though few in number) who have by continued practice of peity and devotion succeeded in awakening and developing their spiritual power have merited special Grace and Mercy of the Supreme Being and become prophets, mediators and saints for the second and third grand divisions and have done much for the salvation of human race. Their fame has spread far and wide and their name and person have in a manner become immortal and are adored and regarded as the means of salvation by millions of people inhabiting distant lands and countries. They have, further, ascended heaven and enjoy the honour and happiness of remaining in the presence of their God ; and while on earth they sometimes exercised extraordinary or supernatural powers.

The rescue of spirit from the bondage of body, senses and mind, and its gradual ascension and eventual entrance into the first or highest division by the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga is perfect salvation. At present the Surat or spirit which is a particle of the Supreme Being or a ray from the Supreme Sun or a drop from the Supreme Ocean of Spirit, having descended from the highest or first region has become encased in material coverings, and in a manner intermingled with matter and is in this third region, subject to carnal desires and passions resulting from such mixture.

In its descent from the highest region the spirit has become enveloped in various coverings of matter or bodies, and as long as it remains in the second and third division where matter exists, it cannot be freed from re-birth in the lower or higher regions. It is only in the first or highest division where there is no matter, that there is no re-birth. At present becouse the spirit of man resides in the third or material-spiritual region, therefore it has to do all the work here by means of the senses and the mind which are mediums between it and the material objects, and consequently, as a natural result, its power has become quite hampered. But as soon as it begins to ascend, the powers which are now lying dormant, become active and the spirit acquires ultra-material or higher powers.

The method for taking back the spirit to its Supreme Source is first to concentrate at the focus of the eyes, the spirit and mind which are diffused in our body and in a manner, tied to external objects by desires and passions, and next to commence its journey homewards by attending to the internal sound, or by riding the life or sound current which has originally emanated from the Supreme Source.

Only by internal repetition of real holy words or names, one can collect together at the focus of the eyes, the spirit which is diffused all over the body, but by internally hearing the sounds thereof one can actually hold communion with and gradually approach the centres whence these Holy Sounds or Names emanate.

In following this mode of devotion the following restrictions are made with the regard to diet and mode of living. No intoxicating drink or drug and animal food is to be taken and immoderate indulgence in any desire is to be avoided. Animal food is forbidden on account of its producing a material tendency in human nature, and intoxicating drink is detrimental to a calm and natural state of the brain and the nervous system. Other public and private duties should be carried on as usual.

It must be clearly understood that Radhasoami Faith does not require or permit any one who joins it, to quit his family or surroundings or give up his avocation or profession to obtain his livelihood; on the other hand it enjoins the advisability of a devotee continuing to live with his family and discharge his household and professional duties satisfactorily and at the same time secure salvation by earnestly and fervently practising devotion for two to four or at the most six hours a day, distributing the above time at the rate of half, three-fourths or one hour or more at a time according to his convenience.

By doing so, all desires for worldly riches, pleasures, name, fame, power and greatness, will gradually cease and in lieu thereof will spring up intense love for the Supreme Being and a strong desire to approach His Holy Mansion.

A sincere devotee having no other object in his view than to approach the Supreme Being in His Highest Mansion, will, however, witness glories of the Supreme Father in various forms on his way to his destination, and see many things more wonderful than ordinary miracles, if he will only practise devotion for some time with strong faith, fervour and love for the Supreme Being. He will further observe the Grace, Mercy and Protection of the Supreme Father extended to him on all occasions when needed.

A member of Radhasoami Faith is strictly forbidden to divulge the secrets or mention to any one (even to a fellow member without express permission) the glory and wonder of the higher creation he sees now and then within himself, or the happiness and extraordinary joy he experiences during his practice, or the special Mercy, Grace and Protection extended to him from time to time on important occasions by the Supreme Father and Sant Sat Guru.

On the contrary; external work of charity, worship, pilgrimage, or mere reading of holy books, unless accompanied by internal practice of Surat Shabd Yoga (or the union of spirit and Holy Word) do not lead to true salvation (which can only be attained by raising the spirit to the First Degree or pure spiritual regions). One may reap the fruit of such acts by obtaining happiness in the same or a new body on rebitrh, in the same or a higher sphere. But to approach the Supreme Being, there is absolutely no other means except the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga under the guidance of a Sant Sat Guru or a sincere lover of the Supreme Being who has received instructions from, and is helped in his practice by one of those Superior and Holy Spirits.

It is inferred from the above that there is no other way to raise the spirit to the highest sphere but the one prescribed by the Radhasoami Faith, viz., removing or raising the spirit gradually from its seat in the pupil (power centre) of the eye, in the same manner as it rises or withdraws at the time of death, and by catching or riding the Sound or life current to carry it back towards the main source from which it originally descended.

Necessity of sincere prayer.

Prayer is necessary to obtain blessing and mercy to help man's perfect salvation, but it must be offered from the inmost of heart and not confined to mere utterance. It must also be backed up by works of faith and charity performed through love and affection for the Supreme Being.

|| Radha Swami ||

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