The whole of the world today is full of worries, anxieties and tension. We may not be able to eliminate all problems from the world. But through true meditation, we ourself can attain peace and happiness.

Meditation, once associated only with Saints and Mystics, is sweeping the globe. Never before have so many felt need to search for personal fulfilment within. Meditation is the route to know that who we really are !!! It is a natural state but we have forgotten how to reach it. It is a science where experiments are done within and alone, it eliminates dependence on outer materialistic world for happiness.

Meditation is being prescribed by medical community also to help us deal with daily stress. By meditation our physical, mental and emotional health improves. It brings peace, joy and bliss to our lives. It is a powerful tool for spiritual growth.True meditation liberates us from reincarnation and death becomes a joy.Then soul rests in permanent peace forever.

One can meditate anywhere, anytime. Your own home may become the best place for this.

But one can not practice meditation by his own. It is wastage of his time and energy. None can deny that we need a teacher in every field of learning. Meditation, evidently, is the most entricate among all the arts and sciences. Therefore, we must seek the help of one who has crossed all internal heavens (spiritual planes) and is on our level as well as on the Lords and he is the True living Master. The initiation granted by him helps the initiates at every step in their spiritual journey. He is permanently connected with the Powerhouse of the holyname and divine light. He always emits the rays and all others absorb as per their receptivity. He is the God-in-man and according to Christ he is 'Word made flesh'.

|| Radha Swami ||

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