Religion & Sprituality

Religion & Sprituality

Today man has completely forgotten the main objective of his religion - to apply spiritualism in every field of life. Reality is that the real spirit has left and only the skeleton of religions remain. People have developed hatred for others and that is why the religion, which was founded to purify and free the soul, serves only to imprison it. Do not forget that man came first, religions were instituted later on. Man was not made for the sake of religion, but religions were founded to help man so as to realize God and thus attain the ultimate bliss.

Some five hundred years ago there was no Sikhism, thirteen hundred years ago there was no Islam, two thousand years ago Christianity was not in existence and three thousand years ago there was no Buddihism, five thousand years ago there was no Krishna and before Traitayuga there was no Rama and so on. But the mankind exists since the very creation and will remain till the end of this universe however these religions for which we are taking blood of each other may not remain so long. Each religion was initially instituted to achieve same goal and basic spiritual core of all these was the same.

Since the soul - the inner-most essence of man, is a particle of the same lord, hence people believing in any religion are essentially the same in each respect.

Founders of all religions have emphasized that god is within us. But some priests who came after these enlightened founders were not capable enough to help people to go inside and realize the Lord within. Hence they have successfully externalized the true religion (path) and began to exclusively emphasize the outer rites and rituals which clearly differ from one religion to another because of differences in languages, customs and manners as well as the social, historical and geographical character of the land where-from these religions originated. As a result, people give undue importance to specific names of god in different languages, and to the external places of worship constructed by men in different shapes and styles. Today we have totally forgotten that the Supreme Lord is not limited to any location or name. He is all pervading and nameless.

The human body has been described by the realized saints as the top of the creation or the temple of the living God. Today we have crossed all heights of foolishness to such an extent that we are destroying these temples and mosques of the living God (i.e. killing human beings)

But you must have seen that a potter cannot tolerate if someone destroys the clay pots made by him. Similarly God will not forgive those who destroy His own temples. By doing so the killers are not pleasing the God. Such killers are His culprits and will certainly be punished by His supreme law irrespective of their religion. If we try to go in to the depth of each religion then we will conclude that each enlightened founder of religion has preached - love the nature, love the mankind and love is the ultimate name of Supreme Being.

Unfortunately, today our concept of religion is indeed lamentable. We approach without any hesitation the outstanding physicians, scientists and artists following different religions for our worldly selfish motives. In the same manner there should not be any hitch at all to respect and approach the true saints irrespective of their cast and religions. We are NOT following the teachings of those very prophet/saints for whom we profess others to follow. In holy Quran also it is mentioned that a true lover of God shows respect to all the prophets mentioned in the Quran as well as to those not mentioned therein. However, even then we regret to observe that the followers of one sect are after the blood of the others.

We are the children of the same Father. So we should serve the mankind in the best possible way and discard all kinds of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and colour and set our goal of God realisation through Spiritualism. But spirituality is a science which can only be caught or experienced and not taught or explained.

|| Radha Swami ||

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