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Question: Which is the Most Powerful Name to use for the salvation?

Answer: The holy name Radhaswami is the most powerful name, which has been given out by the Supreme Being Himself. It resounds in splendid refulgence in the highest abode and can be heard within us only by those who perform true practice of Surat Shabd Yoga exactly according to the instructions given by the Radhaswami Master.

The faculty of hearing inherent in the spirit is developed by this process of devotional practice. The sound, in articulate speech, of the spirit-current is 'Radha', and that of its Reservoir is 'Swami., therefore Radhaswami is accordingly held to be the only true and real Name of the Supreme Creator. If we were to repeat internally a sound which is an imitation in articulate speech of the sound emanating from the presiding deity of a sphere at the focus of the nervous centre corresponding to that sphere, the vibrations set up therein by this process will, as the practice advances, come into harmony with the vibrations in sounds already existent in the sphere, and when the unison or concord of the two sets of vibrations is complete, they would commingle and respond to each other. The subjective functions and powers of the deity would then be imbibed, and the great force which he wields in His sphere could be set in motion by using the holy name at the will of the devotee.

The same was the official name by the Agra Saints (the August Founders of the Radhaswami faith) and also of Param Dayal Baba Faqir Chand Maharaj.

The Sarbachan (verse), the holy book by Swami ji (Shiv Dayal ji) Maharaj is started by this below given verse itself:

Radhaswami gaay kar, janam sufal kar ley.
Yahi naam Nijnaam hai,man apne dhar ley.

Its English version is that the Radhaswami name is the Nijnaam (official name of Supreme Father) and a true seeker must keep it in the core of his/her mind and use it for salvation. This holy name Radhaswami signifies both the Supreme Being and the original Spirit or Sound current (or Word) which emanated from His Holy Feet.

Other top Indian saints also have recommended the same holy Name. For example Saint Kabir has clearly saith:

Kabir DHARA agam ki, satguru di lakhay.
Tahi ulat sumrin kar, SWAMI sang milay.

Here He says that the current (dha-ra) of inaccessible (agam loka) is to be transposed to merge with the Swami. In this way, when both are combined, they form Radhaswami and this is to be used for repetition. Similarly Saint Dadu Dayal has also very clearly saith:

Swami to satlok hai, radha triloki mahi.
Dadu dono ek mila, tera janam maran mit jahi.

That the spirit current is radha which at present resides in material world whereas its Lord is in spiritual plane and it is to be merged with that Swami for your salvation.

All obstacles thrown in the way and traps laid by Universal Mind and Matter to stop or interfere with the progress of a spirit to the highest mansion of the Supreme Being in pure spiritual regions, disappear at once on the pronunciation of this Holy Name Radhaswami by the devotee; such is the immediately effect and beneficial influence exercised by this Almighty Name. It at once strikes awe and terror in the heart of the conflicting agents and revolting forces met with by the devotee while traversing the material regions and gradually removes them altogether from his/her path.

Whereas in the Five names, the initial four belong to KAL (Universal Mind) regions, therefore why to repeat these lower order names when the soul gets ascended to higher regions? The Fifth name also belongs to a lower by six regions (chakras) than the Radhaswami name.

The spirit current has a natural attraction towards the Radhaswami Name,because it is the drop of that very Ocean, hence this is the Most Powerfull Name to use.

Question: What are conditions for the initiation?

Answer: Below given are the only four conditions :

  • To use only Lacto-Vegetarian foods.
  • Not to use any intoxicants (including Alcohol).
  • To live only with one legal wife (or husband) otherwise remain celibate.
  • Must devote 2 hrs. and 40 mins. (may be in parts) daily for meditation with the Holy Name.

Question: Who is the Supreme Being in Radhaswami faith?

Answer: The Supreme Lord of first degree or pure spiritual regions, which can never be explained by human senses, can only be realised by the spirit senses is the Supreme source of all energies and intellects i.e. ultimate Supreme Sun. Whereas the Spirit or the Viceroy who presides over the second degree, is the Lord God of the Bible ; he is the Sat or Sachchiddnand or Shuddh Brahm of the Veddntees ; the Nirvan of the Jains and the Buddhists and the Lahut of the Mahomedan Saints. The Spirit or Governor or Parmatma or God of most religions in the world.

Question: Which are good and bad acts?

Answer: All acts including spiritual practice which tends to free the spirit from matter and raise it towards its source are good works. All acts which tend to degrade the spirit by weighing it downwards deeper and deeper into matter are bad work or sin. Also, any action done with a view to help the needy from unselfish motives is good works; and the contrary, bad work in this world.

Question: What is the True Religion?

Answer: Any religion or faith which treats of rituals and ceremonies and moral principles etc., and does not profess to know, or cannot teach the secrets of real Truth or the Truth of Truths, is a religion built on knowledge and reason or founded on scanty information furnished by revelation of a lower order originated from the genious of the second or third grand divisions.

True religion or faith is that which leads a sincere seeker to the region of real Truth, and teaches him the ways and means of traversing the regions where false and untruth and comparative truth governs and of finally reaching the highest and most sublime mansion where nothing but the Truth of Truths dwells and manifests its unrivalled glory in splendid refulgence (White Light) and everlasting joy and happiness.

Question: What are pain and pleasures?

Answer: Perception by a spirit entity of forcible ejectment of spiritual current, whether partial or total from a mental or material plane which it is occupying, constitutes the sensation of pain.

Whereas, perception by a spirit entity of concentration of spiritual current whether partial or total, in a mental or material plane which it is occupying, constitutes the sensation of pleasure.

Question: I have a deep question to You : You are saying that Radhasoimi is caring for us through all times : " Beloved Radhasoami is Your Protector Guru is my Father and Mother. Who can describe His glory and eminence? Beloved, merciful to the humble, Radhasoami, does good to my soul every moment.

Huzur Maharaj, Prem Bani Radhasoami

But is it not that finally Jiva is uniting with Paramatma, the inner preliminary divine master of the soul?

Manfred Buchholz, Munich - Germany

Answer: My Dear M.Buchholz! It is very true that soul unites with the Parmatma, but it happens only after its purification i.e. after transcending the steps of evolution of inner divine self. Till then the Radhaswami cares the devoted souls all the times &guides thro.its whole spiritual journey; this was the objective of Huzur Maharaj in Prembani.

True steps of systematic evolution of soul are evealed by the true Master only during initiation raw hand can never know and hence transform, because jiva has completely forgotten the path by which it has come to this materialistic world at the time of creation.

There are total 18 internal planes:1st six of material next six of mental world & last six of consciousness(spiritual).During true meditation when our surat gets united with the holy word of 1st plane than only it is transcended to the next plane & so on.Therefore OUR meditation is nothing but unity of soul with the internal holy words one by one & hence the evolution of inner divine self. Those who remain united with a particular word at the time of their last breath, only get merged with that word for ever after death.This happens only by lot of daily practice of TRUE meditation.And at last, planes of Narayana, sun & cosmic etc. are of very-2 low level but Radhaswami is the supreme Lord of the last i.e.18th plane Radha means soul & Swami means its Lord].During creation souls came from that source,therfore soul has all similarities to the Lord and you know that only similar substances can be merged together & dissimilar can never.Therefore,soul unites with the Paramatma but only after its complete purification by a natural(Sahaj) meditation.

|| Radha Swami ||

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